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Lt Col Ned Linch, Ed.D., USAF (ret)

Human Performance Optimization is the process of applying evidence-based research, professional experience, and emerging technologies to calibrate, elevate, and sustain human performance. 

Human Performance Optimization is the missing link in preventing aviation mishaps.  

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  • Consulting

  • Training 

  • Instruction

  • Expert Witness services

Utilize my consistent elite performance and experience as a combat decorated F-16 fighter pilot, Accident Investigator, Delta Air Lines pilot, FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI, CFII, CFIG, AGI, IGI), and adjunct professor. 

  • Doctor of Education in Sport and Performance Psychology

  • Master of Aeronautical Science

  • Bachelor of Aviation Management 

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Consulting, training, instruction, and expert witness services.

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Human Performance Optimization

  • Health and Fitness (sleep, nutrition, & exercise)

  • Readiness (mental, physical, & emotional)

  • Development (operational, self, institutional) 

Optimizing your performance in order to perform under stressful and fatiguing conditions, especially when the risks are high and the options for success are limited.

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Performance when it counts

Featured in two documentaries on the Smithsonian Channel.

Air Warrior: F-16 documentary, Season 4, Episode 1. Series Producer: Elizabeth Elson. (2016).  

Air Warrior: Top Gunships documentary. Season 7, Episode 3. Series Associate Producer: Katie Nolan. (2020).

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For over 30 years, my parents prayed General McArthur’s prayer, “Build Me A Son” emphasizing this verse: “Lead him not in the path of ease and comfort, but under the stress and spur of difficulties and challenges. Here let him learn to stand up in the storm.”

I weathered the storms of war, earning the Distinguished Flying Cross for Valor—the answered prayer; thereby, proving to myself I was “brave enough to face myself when afraid” and “humble in victory”.   

Human Performance Optimization was at the heart of my success.

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